New Generation Foods, LLC has a deep appreciation for the communities we serve.

We are always looking for additional ways to help support the communities that support us. That's why, in addition to providing great food at good prices, Bojangles' is committed to helping the individuals who reside in those communities whenever we can.

We are proud of our significant sponsorship agreements and fundraising support for many different schools across the Tennessee Valley. To date, we have also partnered with dozens of charitable organizations that provide critical services and support to individuals in need.

Here's How We Can Help:

Iced Tea Fundraiser_ Muscle Shoals High School

Spirit Nights

We can host a spirit night for your school's organization at your local Bojangles'. Encourage people to come out and eat at Bojangles' on a specific date and time period, and we will donate a portion of sales back to your school's organization! 

Comprehensive Partnership Agreements

In some circumstances, we can enter into annual or multi-year comprehensive partnership agreements that encompass field signage, team meals, concessions, Bojangles' game days, spirit nights, and more!

Sandwiches for Concessions

We offer discounted Cajun and Grilled Chicken Sandwiches for resale at school concession stands.

Legendary Iced Tea Fundraisers

You can sell Bojangles' Legendary Iced Tea at your school events to raise money! We'll provide you with iced tea and cups to resell at your concession stand. For larger events, we can set up a Bojangles' tent and provide you with staff! Staffed events are subject to availability and must meet minimum attendance requirements.

Boxed Team Meals

We offer discounted boxed meals to any school organization. If you commit to ordering frequently, or if we are involved in other sponsorships with your organization, we may even feed your team or group for one event FREE! In many cases, we can also offer free delivery. With our ten area locations, we can even help deliver to away games! 


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